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Beatrice Country Club

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An Important Announcement from the Board of Directors

Dear Beatrice Country Club Members,  

As the Board of Directors, we are committed to making Beatrice Country Club a fantastic and  reliable club for our membership and community. Consistent with that vision and commitment, we are announcing an exciting change impacting the future of BCC. 

Classic’s has been the manager of our Food and Beverage operation for several years and their lease agreement is set to end this season. Considering that, the Board deployed a food and  beverage committee comprised of both Board members and a member with experience in the  restaurant field to evaluate several options for our path forward. At the conclusion of their  thorough and extensive interview process, the committee recommended utilizing Landscapes  Golf Management (LGM) as the best option for BCC. The Board of Directors agreed, and LGM  will soon begin assisting the club in managing our food and beverage operations. 

The consideration for selecting Landscapes Golf Management (LGM) included the following  benefits to serve our membership: 

A company that has a long and successful history of managing the food and beverage  operations at other country clubs. 

An increased control over restaurant and bar operations to include business hours. Control of the liquor license and liquor sales in the restaurant, bar, and banquet facility. 

We recognize that change is difficult, and we will work to help LGM understand the current  membership and community needs to navigate this change. Most importantly, the membership  experience and serving the membership’s needs will be the focus of this transition. In addition, we  recognize the importance of the club’s dining operation for the local community, and we will  continue to happily serve those customers by remaining open to the public. As such, LGM is  uniquely poised to help us achieve our vision to provide an excellent experience for Beatrice  Country Club members and the community. 

Over the upcoming months, the LGM team will be working with the on-site management team to  execute their transition plan, which may include reaching out to you for feedback on your  experiences at the Club.  

Thank you for your continued support of Beatrice Country Club.



Additional Information About Landscapes 

Landscapes and its sister companies are recognized leaders of private club facilities as well as golf  course development, construction, renovation, and management in the US and abroad, with over  2,100 completed development projects over the last 45 years. Their expertise in facilities  management spans all aspects of the private club industry.  

Landscapes Golf Management's portfolio of 50-plus properties across 20 states benefits from  conveniently located regional offices, with the home office being in Lincoln, Nebraska. The family owned-and-operated private company prides itself on a guest and member-centric approach  supported by strong client relationships, well-trained and personable staff contributing to an  enviable culture, and proven back-office systems and procedures. They cover business strategy  and planning, facilities management, food and beverage, golf course maintenance, clubhouse  operations, marketing, staffing, training, merchandising, and finances. 

Sister company Landscapes Unlimited is the recognized leader in the development and  construction of golf courses ranging from major tournament and PGA Tour event hosts to local  layouts of varying shapes, sizes, and budgets. The company also excels at building sports fields  for professional sports teams, colleges, and municipalities. You can learn more about Landscapes  Golf Management by visiting www.landscapesgolf.com