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Beatrice Country Club


  • Oct 19 By-Law Amendment Voting: Message from the Board
  • Oct 13 2020 October Senior Scramble Results
  • Oct 13 We have our October Senior Scramble today at ten! The course will be spoken for until roughly 2:30 today.
  • Oct 12 We are searching for a single tomorrow for the October Senior Scramble. If able, contact the golf shop! Must be 55 to play.
  • Oct 12 2020 The Bruiser Results. Thanks for all who came out and sorry about the horse race. We'll make a few adjustments for future years!
  • Oct 12 We still have spots open for tomorrow and the senior scramble! Starts at ten, and looks to be a solid day!
  • Oct 11 Looking for one player for today!
  • Oct 11 Reminder, we are starting at noon today and not ten!
  • Oct 10 The starting time for The Bruiser is noon tomorrow!
  • Oct 10 Once again, try and keep carts in the rough as much as possible!
  • Oct 09 We ask that people staioff the fairways until everything dries our. Causes a muddy mess!
  • Oct 09 The maintenance crew will be working on the range this morning so it will be shut down until they are finished. Time is TBD
  • Oct 07 Our next Senior Scramble is scheduled for Tuesday. Starts at 10, two person event! Sign ups are still available!
  • Oct 07 With the maintenance crew aerifying a few fairways, we ask that you keep your carts on paths or rough.
  • Oct 05 We're down to two spots for the Bruiser on Sunday!
  • Oct 05 Spots are available for The Bruiser this Sunday. We will start at noon, three person scramble format! Weather is looking very good for that day!
  • Oct 03 9-9-9 Tournament Results
  • Oct 02 We are looking for one team tomorrow to keep us at even numbers! Starts at 10, going to be a solid day.
  • Oct 02 9-9-9 Tournament Rules/Tee Sheet. Note: There may be changes made so take the tee sheet with a grain of salt!
  • Oct 01 We are now into our 'winter hours' which means we will open at 8!
  • Sep 29 With Saturdays 9-9-9, we won't have times available until after the event which we project will be 5:45 or so.
  • Sep 29 2020 Beatrice Cup Results, congrats on retaining the cup squad!!
  • Sep 29 Reminder: We have the 9-9-9 tournament this Saturday starting at 10! Spots are available yet, and will be a combo of scramble, best ball, and alternate shot!
  • Sep 23 2020 Beatrice Cup Tee Sheets. We will wear white!
  • Sep 19 We have our 9-9-9 tournament coming up on October 3rd. It's a two person event! Spots are available to play yet.
  • Sep 19 US Open Squares
  • Sep 18 US Open Squares are still available! Let us know if you'd like any!
  • Sep 17 We will be shutting the range down at 10 this morning to get it picked clean!
  • Sep 16 Over the next two days, the course will be occupied until roughly 1:00 PM!
  • Sep 15 2020 September Senior Scramble Results
  • Sep 14 We still have an opening or two for tomorrow's senior scramble!
  • Sep 13 In two weeks, we are taking on Hidden Acres in the Beatrice Cup. If you want to play, let us know!
  • Sep 11 Due to low numbers, we have decided to cancel couples golf for tonight!
  • Sep 11 2020 Board of Directors. Some folks have asked to know who is on the board and that is all listed in this!
  • Sep 10 If you are wanting to play in couples golf tomorrow, let us know! As of now, we have three signed up!
  • Sep 10 Reminder: We have our Senior Scramble set up for next Tuesday. If you want to play, let us know!
  • Sep 10 US Open Squares are available in the shop! Tournament starts next Thursday so you can buy them up until Friday evening!
  • Sep 09 2020 The Bruiser
  • Sep 09 September 11th Couples Golf
  • Sep 09 We were originally scheduled to host ladies Interclub tomorrow but has been rescheduled for Monday, September 21st! 9:00 AM Shotgun Start!
  • Sep 08 We are planning on doing Couples Golf again on Friday evening! The theme will be USA! Start time will be 5:30.
  • Sep 08 9-9-9 Tournament. Check it out and sign up!
  • Sep 08 2020 Beatrice Cup
  • Sep 08 We have the Doane Invite going on today from 10 to roughly 2:30, in case you wanted to play in fifty degree weather and rain!
  • Sep 02 It's looking like Sunday will be occupied until the noon hour with the US Kids event. Tee times are getting stacked up behind so call for yours!
  • Sep 01 End of Year Membership Special!
  • Aug 31 Weekly update: Besides league, the only thing we have this week is on Sunday morning. We get to host the US Kids event on Sunday morning.
  • Aug 27 If you are wanting to play in couples golf tomorrow night, let us know! Starts at 5:45 and is themed for the High School you graduated from!
  • Aug 25 2020 August Couples Golf
  • Aug 23 2020 The Pistol Results
  • Aug 22 2020 The Pistol Day One Results/Day Two Pairings
  • Aug 20 The Chamber Event tomorrow is scheduled for a noon start and not a 1:00 PM start. Please plan accordingly!
  • Aug 20 2020 The Pistol Info/Day One Tee Sheet Modified/Itinerary/Rules
  • Aug 18 Due to lack of numbers for Wilders, we will not be doing Interclub with them on Friday. Sorry about that!
  • Aug 18 2020 The Pistol Day One Tee Sheet. Note: This will inevitably change!
  • Aug 18 For those that ordered shoes at Shotgun. They're projected to ship at the end of the week!
  • Aug 18 We are looking for at least one person to play Interclub at Wilderness at 2! If interested, let me know!
  • Aug 17 Tomorrow at 5:30, we will shut the range down to pick it clean!
  • Aug 17 If you cannot play in the Pistol this weekend and are signed up, let the golf shop know ASAP! We have a waiting list of folks chomping at the bit!
  • Aug 15 2020 Centurian Cup Results