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Swimming Facility

Join Us at the Pool

Join Us at the Pool

At Beatrice Country Club, we're not just about golf; we're about providing an experience for every member of our community. Our state-of-the-art private swimming pool is designed with every member of the family in mind. Whether you're looking to swim laps in the early morning, enjoy a leisurely afternoon dip, or splash around with the kids, our pool is your go-to destination.

The swimming pool is open daily, from 12am to 8pm in-season, weather permitting.

Exclusive Amenities for Our Members:

  • Poolside Service: Indulge in our poolside service with refreshments and snacks from our clubhouse menu.
  • Swimming Lessons: Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your strokes, our certified instructors offer swimming lessons for all ages and levels.
  • Events and Gatherings: From family pool parties to adult swim nights, our calendar is packed with exclusive events for our members.

Pool Parties Are Here!

What better place to celebrate during the summer. Reserve the pool for the perfect party! Give us a call to find out more.

  • Up to 15 swimmers: $75
  • More than 15 swimmers: $150

Swimming Pool & Splash Pad Safety Rules & Regulations

NOTE: You must be a member of Beatrice Country Club or have a Social Membership to swim at the pool and enter the Splash Pad area.

  1. All members and their out of town guests must sign-in with the lifeguard, manager on duty entering the pool area. Everyone will be given a wristband to wear while they are at the pool.
  2. There will be a lifeguard only between the hours of 12:00 and 8:00 PM, everyday.
  3. The operating hours of the pool will be publicized and posted at the pool. Management reserves the right to close early or open late due to adverse weather, or special functions. Pool hours-12:00-8:00 PM- Daily. Pool Capacity is 135 people.
  4. $5-Guest fees apply to all persons entering the pool area. Guest fees are applicable to any non-member, including out of town guests, that accompany a member. In town guests may only use the pool once before having to purchase a social membership, with exceptions in the cases of grandchildren, children living with a custodial parent. A rate for extended visits is available. Non-custodial parents with a family membership will not be charged for their children during their stay. Guest must be accompanied by the member.
  5. Food and beverages consumed at the pool must be purchased from the club, excluding specialty items for infants. Personal coolers are not permitted. Food and drink items may be consumed in the dining area or on Black Rock Grille's deck area. No food on or around lounge chairs. At no time should these items be in or near the pool gutters or general walkways. All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the club. Dry suits, cover-ups (shirts for men) and shoes are needed for entering the pro shop or Black Rock Grille.
  6. No glassware of any kind.
  7. No small cocktail or drink box straws, gum, sunflower seeds, as well as other small objects such as sucker straws that may fit down a gutter drain are prohibited.
  8. No food or drink in or around the pool area- eat at the tables only.-Malts and Ice cream are food and must be eaten at the tables- NO GUM
  9. No Smoking in the pool area.
  10. Members and their guests are responsible for cleaning the eating area of their trash. Help keep the pool area clean by using conveniently placed trash cans.
  11. No personal items will be stored for members due to lack of space. Inflatables left at the pool will be thrown away.
  12. The pool will not be responsible for theft or loss of items.
  13. Managers/lifeguards will not be responsible for children left unattended while in the pool area when there is not a lifeguard on duty.
  14. Hanging or sitting on the rope that divides the deep end from the shallow end is not permitted.
  15. No play balls less than 12 inches in diameter.
  16. No Tire inner tubes with metal valves. No tubes, noodles or rafts may be used on the slide or below the slide.
  17. Only one person on the slide at a time. You must wait at the bottom of the slide for the person in front of you to enter the water before you climb the ladder to the slide.
  18. No running, rough horseplay, or other similar acts, on the pool deck. Management and lifeguards reserves the right to evict or deny admittance to any person willfully disregarding rules or displaying actions deemed to be a risk to themselves or others. Every member and their guests must follow these safety rules, along with other safety practices. Any disregard of club rules, safety rules, managers' instructions, or behavior/ actions unbecoming of a member or guest is subject to disciplinary action and eviction from the pool. The managers, lifeguards, and pool safety rules and regulations are in place for your safety. Please obey them and have a safe and fun time while at the pool!
  19. The family is responsible for all swimmers following all rules, and will need to clean-up. All trash is to be taken to the dumpsters.

Please be sure your children are aware of all the rules before they swim.

Thank you,
Beatrice Country Club Board,
And Pool Managers: Marian Wallen, Bob Wallen, Erin Hamilton, and Mary Gleason